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Nicholas Regush, HEALTH NEWS ANALYZER -#213

This is indeed another sad case of the U.S. military playing with someone's life. An Army reservist refused to take the anthrax shot because she feared it might be medically dangerous to children she might have. So a court-martial convicted her and now she faces hard times and prison. Here's the story.

A lot has already been written about the military's mind-numbing
mishandling of the anthrax vaccine, particularly how the vaccine has neither been properly tested, nor approved for use by the FDA, to protect against inhaled anthrax. It's also unfortunate that media coverage of this issue is so pathetic. The AP report is merely an example of how media can't get this story into focus.

For example, all we get from the story in way of criticism of the vaccine is that the "Pentagon insists the vaccination is safe, with severe adverse reactions developing in about one in 100,000 vaccinations."

That's just a ton of crap.

First of all, that one in 100,000 figure is the product of a useless government reporting system that catches a small fraction of vaccine adverse reactions. Furthermore, there are credible documents available to any reporter, showing how the U.S. military encouraged little or no reporting about anthrax vaccine side-effects and how a central command got into the act in defining which side-effects could be reported. I know all this because of my research on the anthrax vaccine for my
forthcoming book on vaccines.

And not to have at least a couple of paragraphs showing how the U.S. military and the FDA violated basic regulatory rules on the anthrax vaccine is absolutely outlandish because that information is also readily available.

A black eye for journalism, the FDA, and the military. One day, the real story may get out about all this, and some bigwigs hopefully will pay a heavy price for this continuing travesty.