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Court-martial For NY Soldier Who Refused Anthrax Vaccine

Associated Press

(Fort Drum-AP, May 27, 2003) — Court-martial proceedings are under way for an Army reservist who's charged with disobeying orders to take an anthrax vaccine.
This morning, Private Kamila Iwanowska of New York City asked a military judge at Fort Drum to throw out a charge that she disobeyed orders given by both her company captain and the garrison commander.

Her defense counsel argued that it was the same order and that Iwanowska had already received 48 days confinement from the captain for her refusal.

The defense team also asked for dismissal of the charge, saying federal statutes allow a soldier to refuse a command if it's an unlawful order.

Defense attorney Kenneth Levine says he hoped to prove the order was unlawful because the anthrax vaccine has never been formally approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Army officials say Iwanowska refused an anthrax shot at Fort Drum, saying the long-term effects of the anthrax vaccine are unknown.