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NAS report shows psychiatric illness increases 7 fold after AVA

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National Academy of Science report shows psychiatric illness increases several-fold after anthrax vaccination

Many have asked me if Ivins' anthrax vaccinations or meds might have contributed to his mental state. Bruce admitted a family history of emotional problems, his brother Tom appears psychiatrically impaired, and I don't mean to make light of this history.

However, the answer to whether anthrax vaccine leads to mental disorders is a resounding YES. The National Academy of Science studied anthrax vaccine for Congress, publishing its report in 2002. Table G-3 of the report summarizes data supplied to the Academy by the military from the Defense Medical Surveillance System database on hospitalization rates in 300,000 soldiers, before and after receiving
anthrax immunizations.

In those who received 1-3 doses of vaccine, hospitalizations for affective psychosis were 4.95 times greater after vaccination than before receiving any anthrax vaccine. For other nonorganic psychoses, the rate was 4.82 times higher. Hospitalizations for neurotic disorders were 2.63 times higher. Hospitalizations for personality disorders were 4.66 times higher. Hospitalizations for drug dependence were 5.64 times higher. Hospitalizations for adjustment reaction were 2.96 times higher. For depressive disorder, not otherwise classified, the rate was 2.76 times higher.

Amazing statistics.

Meryl Nass, MD