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State Commission Looking Into Non-Combat Soldier Deaths

Web Editor: Rhonda Erskine (mailto:rhonda.erskine@wcsh6.com),Online Content Producer

AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER) -- A special commission set up after the death of National Guardsman Pat Damon is looking for families to share their stories about loved ones who have suffered non combat deaths or disabiltiies.

The commission to protect the lives and health of members of the maine national guard met Tuesday in Augusta, but the weather kept a lot of people away.

The commission's goal is to prevent future non-combat deaths and injuries by learning from the past and seeing to it that a better job is done protecting soldiers in the future.

To this day, the cause of Patrick Damon's death remains in question. His mother is convinced her son's body finally rebelled against all the vaccinations he had been given in a short amount of time.