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Emergent BioSolutions Paid Lobbyist


NOTE: See below for articles related to Senator Frist and his neglect for the health and safety of Americans. The articles relate specifically to "Avian Flu" - however, this also includes any and all countermeasures to be used in a national emergency/pandemic/epidemic/natural or bioterrorism - real, speculated or imagined.

Associated Press
Emergent BioSolutions Paid Lobbyist
Associated Press 09.05.07, 6:53 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Emergent BioSolutions Inc., which develops vaccines and other immunobiotics, paid OB-C Group LLC $120,000 to lobby the federal government in the first half of 2007, according to a recent disclosure form.

The firm lobbied on issues related to an anthrax vaccine, according to the form posted online Aug. 13 by the Senate's public records office.

Robert Stevenson, who was communications director for former Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is among those registered to lobby on behalf of Emergent BioSolutions (nyse: EBS - news - people ).

Under a federal law enacted in 1995, lobbyists are required to disclose activities that could influence members of the executive and legislative branches. They must register with Congress within 45 days of being hired or engaging in lobbying.
Emergent BioSolutions is based in Rockville, Md.



But Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, a physician who has taken an active role in the treatment for anthrax on Capitol Hill, is skeptical of the vaccine as a widespread treatment.
"The vaccine is a dated vaccine, it's an old vaccine. There are very real and potentially serious side effects from the vaccine and anyone who elects to receive the vaccine needs to be made aware of that," said Frist.
"I do not recommend widespread inoculation for people with the vaccine in the Hart Building," he said. "There are too many side effects and if there is limited chance of exposure the side effects would far outweigh any potential advantage."


[For complete details, please read "Frist's Backroom Coup Is a Shot in the Arm
for Drug Industry, a Slap in the Face of Consumers" Dec. 20, 2005
11th Hour Conference Report Rider Bars Compensation for the Injured and
Absolves Reckless, Negligent Drug Companies of Responsibility

Republicans are exploiting anxieties about avian flu to quietly pass
legislation that shields the drug industry from being held legally accountable
when flu vaccines and other pharmaceuticals used to treat pandemic diseases
cause death, disability or serious sickness. (Majority Leader Frist has
attached it as a provision in a completely unrelated defense spending bill,
hoping no one will notice!)

Update: The vote has already taken place. Shamefully, Congress put corporate
interests above the public interest and passed this unsafe, unfair, and
unnecessary legislation. Thank you for your efforts in helping to stop the drug industry giveaway.

We plan to take action at the start of the new year, and will need your help
to convince members of Congress that they made the wrong decision.

Until then, please click on the link below to send a personal note to
your member of Congress expressing your disappointment in the passage of this
link to action.citizen.org

If you have time, please also call or visit the district offices of your
Senators and Representative during the recess to express your opinion on this
legislation. It is also effective to call your Congresspersons' Washington, DC office.
Capitol switchboard: 1-866-340-9279 or 1-202-224-3121

Note: This legislation was originally S1873/HR3970, The Biodefense and
Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005. The drug liability shield
rider that was passed has some changes from the original bill; the rider does
not create the secret agency BARDA.

Primary organizations opposing this legislation:
http://www.citizen.org Public Citizen
http://www.nvic.org National Vaccine Information Center
http://www.protectamericanfamilies.org/fristenstein Protect American Families
http://www.centerjd.org Center for Justice and Democracy
http://www.atla.org/ Association of Trial Lawyers of America
http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/us/dshea_letter.html Dr. Rath Health

**Contact the Dr. Rath Health Foundation for free "Protect Your Health Rights - Act" petition pads to take action
on this legislation and other anti-vitamin legislation.
Phone: +1-800-381-4185

Stay informed on this legislation by visiting http://www.citizen.org and http://www.avianfluawareness.org

Background articles:
Dec. 20, 2005
Frist's Backroom Coup Is a Shot in the Arm for Drug Industry, a Slap in the
Face of Consumers
11th Hour Conference Report Rider Bars Compensation for the Injured and
Absolves Reckless, Negligent Drug Companies of Responsibility

Consumer Group Letter Opposing Vaccine Legislation, (November 29, 2005)

Dr. Frist and the Night of the Deadly Vaccines
The Terrible Sequel
"Senator Bill Frist, who has a history of delivering special favors for his big donors in the drug industry, is exploiting fears over a potential bird-flu epidemic to give pharmaceutical companies a huge break that will put the public's health at risk by giving sweeping immunity if they make deadly drugs or vaccines - and he's doing it in the dead of night."

Association of Trial Lawyers of America
"U.S. Senate Passes Drug Company Giveaway"

December 15, 2005 edition
Bill to shield vaccinemakers raises alarms
By Gregory M. Lamb | The Christian Science Monitor
A measure to shield drug manufacturers from lawsuits in an effort to encourage
them to develop new vaccines is likely to be quietly attached to a "must pass"
defense appropriation bill within the next few days.