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An advocacy group for vaccine-injured servicemembers (Protecting Our Guardians) has written a model bill to stop anthrax vaccinations: the Anthrax Vaccine Moratorium Act, and is seeking Congressional Representatives and Senators to sponsor it.

Surprisingly, what we are hearing from Congressional staff is that they are not hearing from soldiers and veterans about this issue.

NOW IS THE TIME to make your feelings known to all those who represent you in Congress about the anthrax and smallpox vaccines.

We are trying to stop this program before it gets off the ground, but we won't be able to do so without the help of thousands of affected people and their families.

I sent out a list of expert committee recommendations to the list on March 4, and have put it up on the home page of my website (www.anthraxvaccine.org), to give you the evidence that everyone who has looked into anthrax vaccine knows it has never been proven safe, and that its long-term safety needs to be investigated.

Feel free to share this document with others and with your Congressional representatives.

Please have everyone you know who has been adversely affected by the anthrax program call, email or write their reps to tell them all about it.

While attention is being focused on the problems at Walter Reed and elsewhere in military medicine (one hearing already this week) we need to strike while the iron is hot! Please help!

Dr. Meryl Nass (mnass@gwi.net)