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Ross: Arsenal Ideal Site For Vaccine Production - Gocom - re: ava

Ross: Arsenal Ideal Site For Vaccine Production

Arkansas Congressman Mike Ross says the latest problem in obtaining anthrax vaccine shows the need for a government-owned vaccine-production facility at the Pine Bluff Arsenal. In a letter yesterday to the secretaries of the Defense and Health and Human Services departments, Ross cited cancellation of a contract with a private company for production of anthrax vaccine.

Under Ross's proposal, the government would build a facility at the arsenal and maintain ownership, but it would be operated by a contractor.

He said the inability of independent companies to provide not only anthrax vaccines to the citizens of our country, but also numerous bio-terrorism vaccines is unacceptable.

Ross' letter cites a 1994 study by the Army Corps of Engineers concluding that the government should be responsible for vaccine production, and suggesting that a facility be put at the Pine Bluff Arsenal.