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Lawsuit to Potentially be filed next week re: Legal Challenge to DoD Resumption of Mandatory Anthrax Vaccinations

Sending with permission from Doe v. Rumsfeld attorney Mark Zaid. Please pass on to anyone, any list, chat-group or forum that may find this of interest.

The latest lawsuit challenging the resumption of mandatory anthrax vaccinations is expected to be filed next week (approx. Dec. 6-8). Anyone who is willing to be a plaintiff, please immediately email attorney Mark Zaid directly at zaidms@aol.com.

There will be no financial gain to any plaintiff, as this lawsuit is based solely on principle. There will also be no personal costs. Plaintiffs will be challenging the FDA's unlawful licensure of anthrax vaccine for DoD and the agency's failure to regulate its manufacturer( s), including DoD, in accordance with requirement of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.


Any active, Guard or reserve miliary servicemember, DoD Contractor, or DoD Civilian Emergency Essential Personnel who will be deploying (or who reasonably expects that they may be deployed) to the two announced areas where the anthrax vaccine will be a mandated by DoD - CENTCOM or Korea.

Plaintiff volunteers will be determined on a case by case basis by the attorney(s) based solely on legal tactical considerations. Due to DoD's established practice of challenging each Plaintiffs' standing to sue, the lawyers are seeking a diverse group of plaintiffs whose individual circumstances can survive such government challenges.

The best candidate plaintiffs will be those who are required to take the vaccine and do not refuse, but who nonetheless want to challenge the lawfulness of the mandatory anthrax vaccine policy. (We are not advocating that anyone take or not take the shots - it's a personal choice.)

If one is ordered to take the shot and refuses prior to the case being filed and UCMJ punishment is pending, it may complicate serving as a plaintiff because of Supreme Court precedents in other military-related cases.
(See: http://www.military -biodefensevacci nes.org - "Anthrax Vaccine" "If you Refuse to Take the Anthrax Vaccine").

In any case, if you desire to be a plaintiff please email Mr. Zaid and fully explain your circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact me, attorney Mark Zaid (zaidms@aol.com) or John Richardson (jrdca@aol.com).