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Emergent Wins $3.8 Million for Anthrax Vaccine Development


The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has awarded two grants totaling $3.8 million to biopharmaceutical company, Emergent BioSolutions.
The grant will support the development of the company's anthrax immune globulin (AIG) therapeutic product.

The company is developing its AIG product as a single dose intravenous therapeutic for patients who have been exposed to anthrax and exhibit symptoms of the anthrax disease. The program is focused on using antibodies produced by healthy donors immunized with the drug BioThrax to treat patients exposed to the disease.

The company anticipates that, if successfully approved, its AIG product will be prescribed for administration either as a single treatment or in conjunction with antibiotics.

The first grant award will support non-clinical studies aimed at assessing the tolerability and efficacy of the company's AIG product in animal models, as well as development and validation of product assays. The second grant will fund the preparation of materials needed by NIAID for project feasibility assessment and the preparation of documentation required for applying for a NIAID clinical trial implementation cooperative agreement.

Emergent BioSolutions is a developer of Immunobiotics technology which directs the immune system to fight off life-threatening diseases. The company is also the manufacturer of the only FDA approved vaccine for anthrax.