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DHHS Expands Emergent BioSolutions' Contract to Supply BioThrax(R) to the Strategic National Stockpile

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland, May 5 /PRNewswire/ --

Contract to supply five million doses of anthrax vaccine valued at US$120 million
Emergent BioSolutions Inc. today announced that the Department of Health and Human Services has modified its contract and is purchasing an additional five million doses of BioThrax(R), the only FDA-licensed anthrax vaccine, for the nation's Strategic National Stockpile. BioThrax is manufactured by Emergent BioSolutions' wholly-owned subsidiary, BioPort Corporation.

This is a modification to the company's first contract, which was executed in 2005, for the supply of BioThrax. The company completed deliveries of the initial five million doses in February 2006, eight months ahead of schedule. Fulfillment of this procurement will result in a combined total delivery of ten million doses of BioThrax to the Strategic National Stockpile.

"We are proud to play a vital role in the strategic defense of the United States and the protection of its citizens in the event of another anthrax attack," Fuad El-Hibri, Chairman and CEO, said.

"Moreover, we share the objective of the Administration and key congressional leaders in securing a sufficient stockpile of safe and effective vaccines to protect the American public. We welcome the opportunity to continue to work closely with the Department of Health and Human Services to meet the strategic biodefense requirements of the Government."